Countdown to Kickoff—Game On!

Countdown to Kickoff—Game On!

This time of year comes with an incredible span of mixed emotions and feelings different than those spurred by the holiday season. The dreaded wind down of summer, vacations to the shore or to a cabin that's been in the family for generations. Getting the kids ready for back-to-school and all that comes with the preparation. The tension of who their teacher will be or having a freshman attending a huge community high school that is unfamiliar and daunting. The last hurrah of the Labor Day Weekend and determining a fitting way to put a proper exclamation point on summer as the seasons are about to change. 

But on the other side of the emotional pendulum is the crispness of the air in the morning as we can feel Autumn ease its way into our lives. The brilliance of colors around us as leaves change but the grass remains emerald green and lush. Perhaps most noteworthy of all, the return of college students and the inception of football and all that comes with it—across universities from Bangor to Eugene. The trek back for the season opener. The tailgate, with the smell of sausage and burgers on the grill, freshly tapped IPA in the keg and the backslap of old friends reconvening for what is hopefully the latest in a series of reunions to reminisce, tell tall tales and wistfully remember how good it was to be here as a student so many years ago. For NFL fans, a very similar celebration focused on team, past players and Super Bowls, optimism for what the year will bring and yes—more grilles sausage and burgers and even more elaborate fare downed with homemade cocktails and even more beer. 

Football season gives so many people so much to look forward to. It's "Game On" and it launches emotions of hope, celebration, remembrance and a sense of place. The parking lot or grass field where the annual tailgate takes place. The entrance into the stadium, and the home team hitting the field for the first time. The band blaring The Rouser, Hail to the Victors, or whatever school song represents your alma mater. Jets coordinating their fly-over with the culmination of the National Anthem. And in the end—hopefully—a victory to savor and celebrate at the post-tailgate or ride home. 

At Heritage Gear, we celebrate Autumn and the kickoff of the new Football season by being mindfull of how dear and sacred students, alums, fans, and the upcoming generation who will carry on these traditions honor and ultimately mark this time as special. We do this by crafting every product we make sustainably, ethically and with the finest of materials. our Weekender Duffle and Tote Bags get better with every season. I colors as crisp as the Autumn air and with school and team logos in current or vintage chenille patches, hand-stitched to each bag. With cashmere scarves as fashionable and beautiful as they are functional. Merino wool blankets milled in Italy to wrap yourself in at the stadium or on your couch. The finest elements to represent a time, place, and reason to convene, consume and celebrate. With products that represent your brand and what you are made of.

If you truly mark the start of Football season in America as something special; a return to a place of memories or just a great annual party; a re-gathering of family, old pals and new friends to be made, then mark it with style and class. Mark it with products that truly represent who you are, your love of school and passion for your team and are as functional as they are truly beautiful. 

Let's get the ball on the tee and get this awesome season started! Start it with us at Heritage Gear. Game On!