people dining on a patio with wool bags from heritage gear

Your life. Your Legacy. Your Gear.

At Heritage Gear we believe life’s powerful connections deserve to be commemorated and celebrated. These connections are reflections of the experiences that have shaped you. Whether evoking the pride of your alma mater or capturing the enduring passion of a lifelong sports fan—our products pay homage to the institutions and experiences that shape our lives.


Heritage Gear products are sustainably made, hand-crafted, companions for life. Made from the finest materials and with a style that can only be described as timeless, our products are keepsakes that are built to last. They are reflections of the experiences that have shaped you, the values that distinguish you, and the passions that drive you.

black and white photo of 1940's football players in a huddle
black and white close up of 1940's football player running down the field

An Unwavering commitment to quality.

Creating products worthy of the story they tell requires extraordinary skill and an unwavering commitment to quality. The artisans who create Heritage Gear products are the ultimate practitioners of their craft: sourcing sustainable, high-integrity materials, hand-cutting and sewing, and finishing their work to the highest of standards.

textured close up of dark wool bag with detailed zipper
Telling the story of you.
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A white tote bag with a Michigan State spartan logo hanging over a chair, below it a green weekender with an S logo