Summer Travel—In Style

Summer Travel—In Style

We are smack dab in the middle of summer—a time for travel, family vacations, reunions and most important, making lasting memories. The greatest prompt for the creation of life-lasting memories and the stories told between family members, friends and colleagues is a shared destination. A place that is generationally embedded in families like a vacation home, cottage or cabin. An annual journey to an epic national park like Yellowstone, or a family reunion back to where it all started.

The enthusiasm and preparation that goes into planning a trip back to see old college friends, reuniting with family, or simply getting away for a well-deserved rest, can’t just be relegated to the destination and itinerary. Getting there functionally and in style cannot be underestimated as part of the planning process. And while many view this strictly through the eyes of utility, or whatever gets the job done, we believe that’s a lost opportunity. An opportunity to go with distinction, uniqueness, a personal badge and most important—style!

There was a time when travel, especially via air, was less stressful and certainly more elegant. Style was a significant part of how the journey began and ended, and a traveler’s luggage was as important as how they were dressed. We’re talking about dressing for the part of where you were going, and who you were was how you ventured. When was the last time you got on an airplane and someone asked you “where did you get that Weekender duffel bag?” Or even better, “can I buy that from you?” This response happens consistently whenever we travel with one of our distinctive Heritage Gear Weekender Bags or Totes, each with a university logo or professional sports team’s mascot beautifully rendered on our bags.

It also provides us the opening to tell others our story (we do this unashamedly!) and about how our North American-based manufacturers hand craft, sew and build our products with uncompromising attention to detail and pride. Best of all, people will tell us their own stories about how our duffel or tote bags reminds them of a garment like a letter jacket or sweater passed down to them by a grandparent that has become a cherished reminder of that person; a reminded of a time when throw-away fashion was not a term anyone would understand. Or just that Heritage Gear bags remind them of a time and place—like memories of a summer trip— that shaped them forever. 

We get this. It’s a reaction that is built into our DNA and why we created Heritage Gear. Consumers still appreciate beautifully crafted items you can carry or wear. We want something made of natural fibers and created sustainably that will only get better with time. We want something that they can pass down the line, to their children, grandchildren or a best friend. We want the value of a product that serves us well while representing who we are and what we associate with. That’s our promise at Heritage Gear – to always craft duffels, totes and other accessories that tell the story of you. That truly represent Your Life. Your Legacy. And Your Gear. Enjoy that summer trip while telling the story of you, in style.